Ichor Technology

Pro-Biotic Technology

  • Patented Technology
  • Unique absorption mechanism
  • Fast action readily available for crop

Forms complex

  • Increased nutrient uptake – available as and when required
  • Forms complexes with various macro – ( N,P,K ) and micro – ( Cu, Zn, B, Mo, Fe and Mn ) nutrients

Crop stress support

  • Reduces stress caused by biotic (diseases and insects) and abiotic factors ( climate and excessive use of chemical pesticides )

ICHOR – UNO : Flagship Product in Ichor Technology

L- Glycine based

Simple Amino Acid and Easily Absorbed

Better Fruit Colour and Size because of organic potash

Increased physiology and metabolism

About Us

Agzon Agro Pvt Ltd provides reliable and cost effective solution for the nutrition requirement of plant.

The 2015 founded organization deals in specialty fertilizer, probiotic micronutrient solution, Biostimulants, adjuvant and other plant growth regulators.


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